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From the March 2008 issue of The Christian Science Journal

PEOPLE WANT TO KNOW. PEOPLE HAVE ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW: If God exists, who is He or She—or It? The world's religions provide countless explanations. For example, Hindus identify thousands of aspects of one divine force that underlies all existence, all called by different names—some called gods—serving different functions. A case in point: the god Ganesha, the elephant-headed god, subjugates vanity and impertinence, and forces one to look beyond outer appearances. And Muslims know God by at least 99 different names, such as Ar-Rahman: The Most Compassionate, Most Kind; Ar-Rahim: The Most Merciful; and Al-Malik: The Master, The King, The Monarch. Christians and Jews call God variously Jehovah, Elohim, the great I am—or even, Abba, Father. But by whatever name they call God, most believers agree on one point: God is Spirit, not a physical being. Mary Baker Eddy understood the complex nature of God and gleaned from the Scriptures these seven synonyms for the creator of the universe: Life, Soul, Spirit, Principle, Love, Truth, Mind.

This month, join us as we explore SPIRIT, the third in our monthly series on these seven synonyms. The articles in this feature by Christian Science practitioners and teachers Colleen Douglass and Bill Moody delve into and explain the character and identity of Spirit, about its—and therefore our—limitless, eternal nature. Bill takes us deeply into the Easter message of Jesus' resurrection and ascension. He explains how Jesus' triumph over the crucifixion—and eventually over all materiality—shows us today, 20 centuries later, how we, too, can prevail over adversity through our unwavering reliance on the divine Spirit.

We hope you will find all of the articles and interviews in this month's issue relevant, inspiring, and timely—the teen and 20-something pieces, our interviews with world-renowned archaeologist Simon Ward and with Christian Science teacher Keith Wommack, the many metaphysical articles on healing, and the powerful testimonies of healing we include each month. We hope that you will find just what you need—the ideas that will speak to you, will reach your heart, and bring healing to your life.

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