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From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

When I First Looked into Christian Science it was to "save" my boyfriend. We had been dating for two years, and periodically he'd invite me to attend a Christian Science lecture, go to church with him, or read this book or that magazine about Christian Science. But I was active in the Sunday School and choir at my own church, where I had been baptized, and which I later joined. I felt no need to know about another church and knew almost nothing about Christian Science.

Then, my boyfriend had an experience that changed everything.

One winter afternoon during our senior year in high school, while making a snow fort together in my folks' backyard, a friend accidentally hit my boyfriend forcibly in the face with the edge of a snow shovel—cutting him deeply in the forehead. It was a terrible thing to witness. As we took him into my folks' house, he said he had to realize "the unreality of this." I had no clue what that meant and thought he was in a state of shock. He refused any medical help. Our neighbor, a medical nurse, strongly urged a visit to the emergency room for treatment and stitches. Instead, he accepted a wet washcloth and drove himself home.