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Christian Science teachers respond to frequently asked questions that have come up at workshops on becoming a Christian Science practitioner.

From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Q: How do I accurately uncover the error that needs addressing in a patient's thought without trying to psychologically diagnose the patient?

A: In Christian Science treatment a practitioner is not humanly searching to find out what is wrong in a patient's mind. In other words, treatment is not one human mind trying to find out what is wrong in another human mind. Instead the practitioner is turning to God, the one divine Mind, to reveal what false concepts need to be dealt with in a patient's thought. To precisely uncover whatever erroneous thought is holding a patient in bondage to sin, disease, or discord of any kind, I turn away from any sense of having a human mind of my own to the one and only Mind. I let the light of divine Truth and Love, God, fill my consciousness. This pure spiritual light reveals what is true about a patient, and also reveals to me or to the patient whatever error is being held in thought that needs to be destroyed.

Then, instead of making a reality of the error, I link the patient through Christian Science treatment to his or her innate goodness, innocence, and wholeness as an expression of God's being—to their Christliness. And I deny the error as being any part of their identity or history.