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Cover Article


From the December 2009 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Children Love Lying Awake at night, imagining the gifts they're going to open on Christmas morning. It's always special to be promised a gift. Sometimes they know what it's going to be and sometimes it's a surprise, but anticipation is all part of the fun. However there can be a bit of a letdown once the special day is over.

But supposing there was a gift that went on being given, day after day, year after year, and was still new and fresh? A gift that reached the points of one's life that needed comfort, or strength? A gift that took away fear? A gift of healing? It would be worth its weight in gold!

The good news is that this gift does exist—although gold can't buy it. It's not on eBay. You can't get it by mail order. It doesn't need wrapping. It won't wear out, become unfashionable, or need replacing. But it often takes people by surprise, and it always blesses them.