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From the March 2012 issue of The Christian Science Journal

You’ve all been patiently waiting for this date and here it is! On April 2, 2012, you’ll be able to subscribe and receive immediate access to the new JSH-Online edition. For the first time an electronic edition of the most current issues, as well as the entire archive of The Christian Science Journal, Sentinel, and Herald (in four languages), will be at your fingertips. With this new unprecedented access you’ll be able to search, read, print, bookmark, and share 129 years of print archives, as well as 11 years of Sentinel Radio, and other audio content.

And that’s not all. Using a customized interface with the new online Concord, you’ll be able to click on citations or quotations in the body of Journal and Sentinel articles to see the references as they appear in the source manuscripts—the King James Version of the Bible and the published writing of Mary Baker Eddy—in a pop-up window. Unfortunately we’re unable to offer this feature in the Herald editions because there is no electronic version of Concord in the Herald languages.

And there’s more. All the JSH-Online content can travel with you! You can easily access, search, read, and share all this content on your Internet connected desktop, tablet, and smartphone. Never before has so much Christian Science content been so universally accessible to the subscriber, and it’s now all in a single subscription. In essence your JSH-Online subscription gives you access to the complete bound volumes, all of the published writings of Mary Baker Eddy, and the King James Bible on your desktop or mobile device.

On another note, we want to clarify last month’s announcement of JSH-Online pricing:

The standard subscription price for JSH-Online is $19.00 per month. A limited time introductory price of $12.00 per month is being offered to readers who subscribe to JSH-Online and maintain at least one print subscription to the Journal, Sentinel, or Herald. This limited time promotional offer expires September 2013.

Here are two examples of how this introductory offer works:

  • When you subscribe to JSH-Online on April 2 and maintain a print subscription to the Journal, Sentinel, or Herald, you are eligible for the $12.00 per month introductory price for JSH-Online from April 2012 until September 2013 when the offer expires, and you will have received the full 18 months of savings.
  • If you delay subscribing to JSH-Online until January 2013, while you maintain a print subscription to the Journal, Sentinel, or Herald, you will receive the $12.00 per month price from January 2013 until the offer expires in September 2013. In this case you would receive nine months of savings.

On April 2, when we launch JSH-Online, the website will be retired. Visitors to the URL will be redirected to the new JSH-Online home page, and be able to view, read, and listen to selected JSH-Online featured articles, testimonies, and audio content. They’ll also be able to search the full JSH-Online archive. To access the articles, testimonies, and audio content that are not featured on the JSH-Online home page, the visitor will be asked to subscribe.

We’re so grateful for the encouragement and support we’ve received from our print subscribers as The Christian Science Publishing Society (CSPS) works toward reaching its goal of financial sustainability (see “Candid Talk about Journal, Sentinel, Herald Costs,” Journal, June 2011). Many subscribers have asked how they can contribute to this effort. Here are some ideas:

  • If you currently subscribe to only one of the print periodicals, subscribe to one more.
  • Give a gift subscription to one or more of the print periodicals. (If every subscriber gave a gift subscription to each of the magazines they subscribe to, the circulation would double.)
  • Subscribe to the new JSH-Online and maintain or add to your print subscriptions.
  • Subscribe to the new JSH-Online at full price instead of taking the introductory offer. 
  • Subscribe to JSH-Online for someone else you know would enjoy it, in addition to yourself.
  • Subscribe also to the Monitor Daily News Briefing for yourself and/or for someone you know would enjoy it. 

To receive an e-mail reminder of this important date—April 2—when you can subscribe to the new JSH-Online, please go to and fill out the e-mail reminder request form.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts and ideas about the new JSH-Online edition (e-mail, and we look forward to seeing you online soon!

John Sparkman is Managing Publisher, JournalSentinelHerald.

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