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Harmony throughout God’s creation

From the November 2016 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My daily prayer has shifted in a major way. I’d always begun my prayers by thinking about and being grateful for the allness and glory of God as the creator. And I’d been grateful for the true, spiritual nature of God’s creation, man and the universe, expressing His perfection. But I saw that I needed to realize more deeply in my prayers the spiritual fact that all of creation, not just man, expresses the glory of God—that everything God makes is completely good.

Unwittingly I’d been accepting an inaccurate, material view of existence. I was certain that man is God’s loved child but was believing at the same time that he was vulnerable because of conflicting elements in creation—predators and prey, destructive forces, hurtful viruses, allergens, and so on. Not so.

God’s creation is entirely spiritual and good. It includes no conflicting minds, wills, or purposes, no harmful or destructive elements. Instead, everything is harmoniously governed by His laws. Since spiritual facts, understood, embrace human experience, this new insight assured me that the harmony and safety manifested in all creation can be demonstrated in our lives. My prayers changed with this clearer understanding that all that God created expresses His perfection.

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