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In the stable

From the December 2022 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It was a stable, not a mansion It was a star, not a parade of dignitaries It was quietude, not a party of notables It was animals, not the masses  And yet,  It was safety It was protection It was a divinely provided sanctuary It was exactitude It was divine placement It was Love’s gift to humanity  It was the coming of the Christ  It was the magnitude of divinity recognized It inspires our story, also, if we live in stable  quietness, allowing the Christ-idea to  animate our thinking and actions  And that is bringing the Christmas story daily in consciousness It is not allowing the noise in the inn,  the human story of mortality,  to dominate our thought  It is Christmas to be seen and felt  It is seeing our divine oneness dawning It is staying out of the inn and in the stable —Melissa Baker.