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A spiritual response to the euro financial crisis

When the parliamentary elections in Italy at the beginning of 2013 resulted in no clear political leadership, there were predictions that the financial crisis would return with force and that the euro might quickly collapse. Since the already agreed upon euro bailout fund was not large enough to deal with such a crisis, there was great concern in Germany and other donor countries.

Alone? Or alone with God?

By divine design, we are each created with the spiritual capacity to turn to the waiting arms of Love.

Facing up to fear

Air travel doesn’t need to be a white-knuckle experience.

Seeing through mirages

The way to master trouble is to see it for what it is.

Haiti's children: how I've been praying

When faced with a picture of human suffering, this author and her daughter pray to see evidence of God’s government and the innocence of His children.

Take up thy bed!

There’s a story in the Bible of Jesus commanding a man, “Arise, take up thy bed, and go unto thine house” ( Matthew 9:6 ). Jesus certainly was not encouraging him to continue “sleeping”—or even sitting—on a bed of beliefs in sickness and limitation.

The joy remains

After the unexpected passing of a loved one, the author finds healing in the joy that never leaves us.

All is not lost

When flooding threatens the author’s home, she discovers nothing of real value can ever be lost.

It’s all thought

More than meets the eye

Open a box. Pick up a stone.