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Nothing good can be lost

This writer’s sincere study and practice of Christian Science puts an end to distressing financial difficulties.  

Challenging lifelong beliefs

No matter how ingrained a belief about ourselves as material and mortal may be, it can be challenged and denied.

Stop the sideshow

In your spiritual journey, don’t let the sideshow distract you!

The turning point

After her husband’s passing, the author gets a spiritual insight that lifts the grief.

Lost? Love guides the way

Quieting thoughts about “self” and seeking God’s directing.

An answer to all our needs: within our reach!

One day, as I went to see a friend, I found him with a group of other friends under the shade of a tree. They were discussing with great passion a radio program that they had just heard, and that was about “planning our life.

Experiencing spiritual richness with young people

In Germany nowadays almost a quarter of the population are seniors, which is something many countries worldwide are experiencing to a similar degree. There is often talk of the aging of society, and it’s seen as a growing social problem.

Renewal and healing

For the past 15 years I have lived on a small farm on the outskirts of Belo Horizonte, and during this time, I have become much more observant of nature. Spring is on the way, and what do we see? The trees dropping their leaves (which are green year-round where I live) as they do when shaken by the wind at the end of winter.

God governs even the grackles

A homeowner regains her peace after several encounters with pesky critters.

‘As the twig is bent …’

No matter how far away our children are, physically, emotionally, or spiritually, God is always with them.