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Home is more than an address

We can trust God to help us find the right home.

Through the lens of divine Mind

How do we see perfection—through the medium of the human eye, or through spiritual understanding?

Your past is not a cause

Learning about man’s true, spiritual origin lifts the burdens of a negative past.

The ‘test of prayer’

How can an instantaneous healing generate spiritual growth? 

The sharing heart

Healed of hesitation about sharing Christian Science.

Who do you think you are?

Mark Swinney explores the connection between what we think ourselves to be and the state of our health.

Don’t take the bait—of debate

Weary of the debate on social media of a contentious social issue, a young woman takes prayerful action. 

‘Like it’

The value of appreciating inspiring articles from the Web.

Seeing through the mirage of evil

Whatever its form, evil has no more reality than the illusion of “water” on the road.

The ‘portable’ Comforter

Knowing “comfort” beyond a good wifi connection.