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Overcomes addiction to alcohol and tobacco

I became acquainted with Christian Science when I was dating the man who later became my husband. He had attended a Christian Science Sunday School when he was a child, so when he saw the challenges I was facing, he gave me a copy of Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy.

Prayer and preventive care

A deep understanding of God and our spiritual nature, coupled with regular prayer, is a dependable, metaphysical form of preventive care.

No sting in God’s creatures

What does it mean to have dominion “over every creeping thing”?

Our experiences of God’s care

Recognizing and giving gratitude for the many times God’s grace has manifested itself in our lives can reassure us that healing is always possible.

Healing service

A First Reader feels the healing touch of the Christ.

God’s course correction

A wrong turn at a metropolitan airport prompts gratitude for God’s  spiritual “navigational system.”

What my dog’s healing taught me

Immediate prayer on a busy street puts full faith in instantaneous healing.

Unfailing justice

An unjust lawsuit challenges a businessman to see that no situation is beyond the power of God.

Post-college humility lessons

Tense work situations. Prayer comes to the rescue.

Watch what you buy

How to avoid buying what fear and discouragement have to sell.