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A poem.

Our sailing adventure

Praying when they’re unexpectedly detained keeps these travelers on course.

A scientific discovery

Christian Science is not an invented idea or philosophy; it is a reliable, provable science.

The power of gratitude

The author discovers that gratitude, even for the smallest good in our lives, can dispel the gloom. 

Prayerfully inspired—right now

A recently married man learns that devoting time to one’s marriage goes hand-in-hand with prayer.

A path lit by the Lord

When her trail turns dark, a young woman seeks comfort and guidance from prayer.

A Mother’s Day I’ll never forget

A mother expands her idea of motherhood—and the yearly tradition that celebrates it.

Building our church

Financial, legal, and organizational obstacles arose when this congregation tried to construct a new church building—but each challenge was overcome through prayer.

National Day of Prayer

What does it mean to pray? Here is a fresh way of thinking about it.

Moving lessons

Moving to a new city is a challenge, until this author leans on a higher understanding of home and the connectedness of God’s creation.