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Lessons in daily life inspired Lois Carlson’s contribution in the February Journal.

The blessings of Love

I was born into a modest family in a village in Togo, West Africa. Nothing in my life, in my village, had predestined me to a happy future, free from the worries about having the basic needs to survive.

We can pray about depravity

The prevalence of violence in society is a strong call for prayer—and our prayers can be a significant help.

Safe in the arms of divine Love

In February 2004, I participated in a trip planned by the school I was attending at that time. We went to Pointe Indienne for the day, an area that borders the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the city of Pointe-Noire, the economic center of our country.

No more stomachache

One time, my dad, my brother, and I wanted to fly to America to go to a Christian Science summer camp. On the day we were to fly from Frankfurt to the USA I did not feel quite well.

Contagious eye infection healed

Six years ago a sticky substance formed on one of my eyes, which made it very hard for me to see. I asked a Christian Science practitioner for prayerful help.

Heart disorder healed

In 2000, I was moving to another city, and with all the problems to solve relating to the move and two young daughters requiring my attention, I felt very stressed and started showing symptoms of a heart disorder.   The episodes were constant, but I didn’t think much about the condition until one day while shopping I felt chest pain and experienced an increased heart rate; my vision became blurred and I almost fainted.

Healed from the effects of an accident

Science and Health came into my life as a beacon of light, bringing me a sense of harmony and peace. I have learned from this book the love, wisdom, and power that God manifests in our lives when we’re facing health problems.

Are there any heroes?

The lives of great men and women always inspire us. Individuals who break barriers or overcome adversity raise our sights and encourage us to be our own best selves.

The higher view healed

A humorous cartoon inspires a helpful lesson in healing.