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Journey to healing

When the writer faced bouts of depression and doubt in college, she began to reexamine Christian Science and its system of spiritual healing.

The real picture

Facing financial ruin and a bleak future, Linda Doty set her sights on the Bible’s promises of prosperity.

The most powerful solvent

There is no room for frustration or discouragement when we turn to Love.

Enlarging our sense of home

When their view of home expands to embrace the infinite, a couple’s house-hunt takes an unexpected turn.

Looking in the mirror

"Seeing" ourselves correctly—the way God does—ultimately leads to healing.

Death is no part of Life

Many people wonder: What is death? An absolute end? Do those who die end up in heaven or hell or some place in between? Will they be reincarnated in a physical form? And why has humanity always been so fascinated with death?  The allegory of Adam and Eve in the second chapter in the book of Genesis in the Bible affirms that man is made from dust and must return to dust. In other words, man is born a mortal and therefore his life must inevitably end in death.

Sincere love that protects and heals

Whether it is given or received, pure, selfless, and sincere love blesses, protects, and heals because it is an expression of divine Love. I continually remind myself: “It doesn’t matter whether love is unrequited or not; it doesn’t matter what others do, say, or think, if it is erroneous, it is nothing, because only love counts.

Balance and stability regained

After an especially intense semester as a university professor, I realized that something in my body was wrong. A constant feeling of weakness and dizziness caused me to slow down and move gingerly.

Be yourself—Overcome anger

I was really trying to know the Christ. I had been reading in the Christian Science Bible Lessons, the Herald and the writings of Mary Baker Eddy quite a lot about the perfect man, created in the image and likeness of God, though I was having a hard time understanding this concept.

Turn to God for answers

Leticia Filizzola Dias, a junior at Principia College in Elsah, Illinois, who is studying mass communication, spoke with four young women, who are also students at Principia College and spent their summer in Boston. Leticia, a native of Brazil, was the summer 2012 intern for The Herald of Christian Science and had an uplifting discussion with them about relationships, career, and academics, and how to approach them through prayer.