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A story of God's precious Love

How one teacher prayed when a first grader in her class had a serious eye injury.

God's presence—35,000 feet up

Another passenger's urgent call for help puts this passenger straight to work seeing the perfection of God’s man.

Leaving it to God—or to chance?

How a college class on statistics brought a wider metaphysical view of God's omnipresent care.

Stilling storms

We each have the God-given ability to bring calm to a volatile atmosphere.

The call to follow

Learning to follow God’s lead strengthens us and enriches our lives.

Challenging finite thinking

Our Master, Christ Jesus, expected his disciples to be more than just good people. He expected them to be spiritually effective, and he worked diligently to teach them how.

Climb out of the canyons

Focusing on God's presence as one prays, instead of the problems one might face, makes all the difference in climbing out of "canyons."

New Year's resolutions—moment by moment

A resolve to cherish the vibrant, eternal now is the best resolution for the new year.

My baby was born perfect

When I first began studying Christian Science, in the first months of pregnancy of my first child, a medical diagnosis showed that the pregnancy was not developing in a normal way because of a problem in the placenta, which prevented the baby from being appropriately nurtured.   Faced with the diagnosis, the doctor decided to wait 15 days.

Symptoms of lupus healed

Sometime back I had to travel to an area in Honduras, which is five hours away from my home, to help take inventory of a store. As soon as I arrived, I was treated to seafood, and immediately after that I went to work.