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Lessons from the Pastor

Inspiration and healing gained from studying the Weekly Bible Lesson and from delving into the Bible and Science and Health.

Gratitude for the Bible Lesson.

Sending 'multitudes' away

A different take on those “multitudes” we can dismiss.

Perking up Bible Lesson study

For a richer study life, check out these tips.

Spiritual oil

Each of us can naturally receive inspiration from God, that comes to uplift and guide us.

Willing to change?

The author gains fresh inspiration while listening to a Bible story in church.

‘An understanding heart’

An insight into the source of true wisdom.

Amplified prayer

Sometimes expanding on well-known passages from the Bible or Mrs. Eddy’s writings can bring fresh insight for prayer.

Why read the Bible Lesson-Sermon?

Growth and healing are blessings from daily Lesson study.

The actual ‘storm’ to still

For this author, a fresh insight paints an entirely new picture of an ancient Bible story.

The immediacy of Truth

A passage from Malachi brings a sense of freshness and newness to this writer.