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Why read the Bible Lesson-Sermon?

- Lessons from the Pastor

Although I was raised in Christian Science, it was a while before I began making this way of life my own. One of the things that has facilitated my spiritual growth is daily study of the Bible Lesson-Sermon from the Christian Science Quarterly. To be honest, I did this merely out of obedience at first because I questioned the value of reading the Lesson every day and then hearing the same thing on Sunday. Eventually, I began to find out for myself the huge blessings this daily preparation can bring. My gratitude for the Bible Lesson grew as I learned to look for pertinent ideas that would be helpful when challenges arose during the day. I also saw how studying the Lesson helps me be more aware of angel thoughts when they are most needed.

I had a significant healing, which the study of the Lesson-Sermon helped me understand. One day, many years ago, a co-worker, who had previously displayed some hostility toward, me inadvertently stepped back with all her weight on my big toe with her spiked heel. Though I tried to make light of it at the time, the pain was intense. It didn’t help that her apology after the accident seemed cursory and less than genuine.

The toenail quickly became discolored and apparently stopped growing. I don’t remember how I prayed about it at the time, but my approach was probably just directed toward getting the nail back to normal. I didn’t realize it, but my resentment toward my co-worker remained unhandled, and the toenail didn’t improve.

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