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Dear Journal:—I have the little book "Rudiments and...

From the April 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Dear Journal:—I have the little book "Rudiments and Rules of Divine Science," and I study it and love it very dearly. I read the pretty stories in this part of the Journal, and they always give me something to think about, and make me happier.

Now that I know what the Science is, it seems too bad that more people do not believe in it; if they did, they could help themselves so much,—and if they only knew how unknowingly they say things which are truly Science thoughts, they would be amazed. Last Sunday, for instance, I went to Sunday school. The lesson was the healing by Christ of the man who was sick of the palsy. Christ said to him, "Thy sins be forgiven thee," and the author of the Sunday-school lessons said at the end of the lesson, "It was the man's sins that caused his illness." Our teacher said, "Maybe this is so;" but I wanted to say, and felt almost as if I must say, "No, sir; there is no maybe about it! Sickness is error, sin and error are the same, therefore sickness is sin!"

Isn't it too bad that people give up to beliefs as they do? The other day I was singing, when we got to laughing, and my voice "broke." Mamma noticed it, and said: "Don't let her sing any more, she has sung too much already, and her voice will be spoilt." But I killed the belief right away. I knew my voice couldn't be spoilt, because error is powerless; and then I sang again, and that time sang best of all.

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