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Testimonies of Healing

Two years ago, I was in a wretched state in many ways, indigestion...

From the April 1890 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Two years ago, I was in a wretched state in many ways, indigestion, dyspepsia, liver trouble, and many other beliefs. I had treatment from "M. D.'s" two of each school. My weight, for years 150 to 165 lbs., in six months' time became 129 lbs. I remained about the same for a year, with no appetite, and lived on a "diet" and medicines. My friends grew very anxious about me, each having some wonderful cure. I tried as many as possible, but found no relief. Then, the usual last resort—travelling—was prescribed. I went East, visited every place I wished; but in two months' time found myself at home no better.

One of my daughters had been interested in Science a short time, but was not quite strong in the understanding of Truth and could only ask: "Mother, why don't you look into the Science?" I could only smile, as I had no faith in it. I could see that she had been helped; but thought, like many others, it happened so.

One day, by chance (?) I went to see Mrs. P—through whom the light of God shines most beautifully and leads many to the understanding of Truth. I told her that I had no faith, but was willing to be cured. She said with a smile, seeming quite sure of my cure, that she would open a class in a few days; and, if I would take the course and study, I would be able to do great good. I accepted, as I have always been ready to do good. She took my case for treatment and I entered the class. The second lesson I found very interesting; but the returning of my eyesight on the morning of the eighth lesson was very wonderful to me. My sight was clear and beautiful; something I had not known for years, for even when a child my eyes were always blurred. I had worn glasses twelve years for both reading and sewing; and for five years had worn near-sighted glasses, as I could not tell a man from a woman across the street. I never ate, even, without my glasses. To-day, looking at the same door, I can see the door-knob which before I never could discern; and in like manner I can see everything. I had no thoughts of having my sight restored; but on the day of that eighth lesson, I could read writing, and write. I could not read print for six weeks; but I did not put my glasses on, nor have I seen them since last February. Now I can read any print. I cannot be thankful enough for the understanding I already have, and I see more clearly each day. I do not wish to make a personality of my teacher and healer, but I do feel that the light of God shone through her and led me to the understanding of the Truth. I am thankful for the knowledge of all Good, and for the power to breathe a prayer upon some seeming wreck of humanity as I pass him, or upon those I meet otherwise. I am happy to say that I am deeply interested in the Science, and stand ready to help each day those that wish help in any way.—

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