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Outline of a discourse preached in Chickering Hall, by the pastor of the Church of Christ (Scientist) Boston.

From the August 1892 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity.— PSALM cxxxiii. 1.

WERE one to ask what is Christian Science, what would be your answer? Would you say that it is the glorious doctrine that all is Mind, Immortal Mind? That would be correct. Would you also assure him that it teaches the unreality of all evil? This would be right. You could say that matter and material sensation are falsities, and thus make a statement of Scientific Truth. You would remark that sin, sickness, and death are not actual facts, when seen from the standpoint of divine Mind, but instead are illusions, and so, have no place in the kingdom of God, or Spirit.

As you proceeded with your explanation, you would declare that Christian Science teaches that man is made in the image and likeness of God, Spirit, and thus reflects Spirit only. You would explain how the testimony of the five material senses is false and illusive; that Christian Science is a perpetual rebuke to error in all of its subtle guises, that it is uncovering the hidden things of darkness which at last will all be destroyed. You might add, that under its sublime illumination mankind is rising to a better apprehension of the life that now is, till it shall finally arrive at a point whence it will triumph over all appearance of evil; that by its uplifting power, men are freeing themselves from malice, deceit and all forms of worldliness which are the product of the five physical senses; that this is to be done by those who call themselves Christian Scientists, no less than by worldlings who never heard of Christian Science, — or who hearing, are embittered against it. To sum it all up, you would and should declare that Christian Science, as it is taught in Science and Health, is a statement of absolute Principle.

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