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Letters & Conversations


From the August 1892 issue of The Christian Science Journal

JUST now, the enemy (?) is sending out many arguments into the field, regarding the situation and the students in Boston. All the students connected with the Journal and Publishing Society do so much to help us on the outside, I feel that now is an hour when we should reflect back that help. The statements as they reach us, speak of "disloyalty," "jealousy," "ambition," "malpractice," etc., etc. No particular ones are responsible for these rumors,— they simply seem to be in the mental atmosphere, trying to compel us to breathe their miasmatic qualities.

It is sufficient for us all to recognize that they are statements of error intentionally directed at the Cause. Thus uncovered, we can steadfastly stand, and let error go through its chemical, knowing that Principle is always victorious. We all undoubtedly regret the present delay in the work of building the church; but when we know that the Church of Christ (Scientist) is Mind, we know that the Temple is already built, and that all the shafts of Satan cannot loosen even one stone thereof. As Mind does govern all, "physically, morally and spiritually," we also know that the type of the One Church will be expressed. Whatever falsity of thought there is in mortal mind that stands in the way, will be uncovered, handled, and destroyed, and we all will enjoy the blessings that the demonstration will bring. If students only would look upon all manifestations of evil as simply occasions for demonstration, how much easier it would be for all. We too often forget that it is Principle that is pouring out the vials of wrath upon the error, causing it to manifest many plagues to sense, in order that we may discern the work that Principle wants us to do. Even Peter was turned over to Satan to be sifted; but the experience was not given him to undergo until he was able to bear it. So, let the students in Boston who at this hour are compelled to meet directly the shafts of the enemy, stand firm; "accusing not one another;" but, "dwelling together in one accord," meet the emergency quietly and courageously. Remember that one "little pebble" of spiritualized thought is enough to slay the giant.

As Mind is the Church, Principle is the Board of Directors and Wisdom is the Board of Trustees, who is there, or what is there, among the children of men, that can prevail against either of these facts of Being? Can any thing come between us and the Mind that guides the Founder of the Church of Christ (Scientist)? Can any thing prevent the building of the Temple for which she gave the land (of spiritual reality)? Can any thing interfere with the omni-action of Mind? No! Mind does the healing, the teaching, the preaching, and the printing; and nothing can interfere.

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