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From the August 1892 issue of The Christian Science Journal

HOW often with wistful thought and yearning desire have these words been read, in some communication to the Journal, and with wonderment as to how it is possible for anyone— especially with such apparent ease as indicated in these reports — to realize Harmony in the midst of seeming discord! Thinking it not unlikely that there may be many who need a "reason for the hope that is in them," who seem unable, however willing and desirous they may be, to attain such a blessed condition as the realization of Harmony, these thoughts are offered to our common medium, the Journal; together with the hope that they may carry to others the blessed light which shone through them in a waking moment of the night, and grew clearer as day advanced.

One who has imbibed even the letter of Christian Science, has reached the point of assent, if not the clear understanding, that all is Mind. Now, man's belief of being — though false — still, like any counterfeit, is an indication of a genuine reality. The strongest proofs of the Truth of Christian Science, may even be deduced from the seeming phenomena of believed material existence, as suggested in Science AND Health (page 163, line 6 to end) latest edition. Man believes himself to live by breathing; and he also believes that the air which he breathes is not only necessary to his so-called life, but that it is as nearly omnipresent as anything his thought comprehends.

Now, as Science AND Health says all must be given back to Spirit, translate man's belief into spiritual Truth of Being. Man in Truth lives, moves and has his Being in divine Mind; his real atmosphere, in whose respiration alone he is eternally sustained, is the omnipotent, omnipresent, eternal Mind. Did not the act of Jesus when about to disappear from his disciples — he "breathed on them and said, Receive ye the Holy Ghost" — prove that Spirit is the true breath, air, of life? Unconsciously as in "normal" conditions man seems to breathe air, correspondingly he lives in reality by mental respiration of the one only omnipresent Mind. The very essence of this divine Mind, God, is Love; hence, as all are really and only existent in this Mind, this all-embracing, all-sustaining atmosphere — no matter what human belief may seem to say — all are in harmony. There is no existence but in mental inhalation of Love, divine Mind. May we not find this Truth counterfeited in man's material belief that he dies the instant he is deprived of air; may we not go farther, and find man's safety and health in God, counterfeited in the belief that recovery from belief of disease may be attained by "return to the native air"?

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