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From the July 1897 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Business man of to-day, are you thoroughly satisfied with yourself? Are you satisfied with the health and strength, and with the unseen mind power which you possess to conduct your business smoothly, harmoniously, and successfully, whether the business capacity be executive or subordinate? Why is this business capital (for it is nothing less, as we will presently prove) of yours so very weak, uncertain, and discouraging in many ways? Why does it fail you so often, upset all your calculations many times in a season, destroy your most cherished plans, cause the cancellation of orders many, and the transference to loss and gain account of many charges you had counted on realizing? And again, and most important, why is this weakness responsible for the "skeleton in your closet," the presence of which few business men can honestly deny, and which is the sole cause of the great majority of failures in the business world? You may not know that this lack of strength and power is responsible, but nevertheless this is a fact, and a scientific one, and, as such, can be proven and demonstrated. Now, let us talk frankly and honestly, as one business man to another—no sentiment, no waste of words,—and to the point.