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From the August 1901 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Dost thou doubt the sun is shining When the clouds o'ercast the sky? Dost thou doubt the rain's refreshing When the brooklet's bed is dry? Dost thou doubt the tide's returning When the waves forsake the strand? Does the child distrust its mother When it does not grasp her hand? Since the birds neglect their sowing, Do they lose their Father's care? Since the lilies toil and spin not, Does their verdure seem less fair? Constant as the sun in heaven, Sure as tidal ebb and flow, Is the grace that God hath given To His loved ones here below. Soon the clouds of sense will vanish, Soon the arid wastes will bloom, Soon the smiles of heaven will banish All the shades of mortal gloom, If we fix our heart's affections On the perfect Love, divine, And through lives of consecration Let the light of heaven shine.