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[Translated from the German.]

It is difficult for me to give the particular reason for...

From the October 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

It is difficult for me to give the particular reason for which I feel most grateful that the understanding of Christian Science has come into my life; whether it is for the light which it throws on the Bible, or for improvement in physical conditions, or for the aid it gives in purifying and improving the character. Nearly two and a half years ago, while living at Heidelberg, a friend from Scotland came to spend a few weeks with me in the mountains. After a. few days she had explained to me so clearly some of the teachings of Christian Science, that I grasped the truth at once and accepted it with joy. After some most interesting conversations it became clear to me that the hated bondage of invalidism, to which I had been subject for many years, was a mistake, and that the constantly repeated warnings of my dear friends, "Do take care of your weak body," were unnecessary. I became inspired with the thought that "with the duty comes the strength," and at once, without any hesitation, followed every call of duty. For years I had not been able to walk much and had been forced to lie down a great deal, owing to a weak back and a foot which had been injured eighteen years before. Setting aside every material restriction, I now walked out with my friend whenever she wished, up hill and down dale. The first time it cost me much, at every step was a prayer, and the text, "He shall give his angels charge over thee . . . lest thou dash thy foot against a stone," was continually with me. Months afterwards, when my sister asked me about my foot, I had completely forgotten that it had ever been a hindrance.

The very day that I attempted the first long walk, I understood another fact; viz., that the God who creates man can also preserve him. On the strength of this understanding, an internal disorder of about sixteen years' standing was overcome. I then said, "I shall never touch medicine again." After three or four weeks my friend went away, leaving me quite alone, and shortly afterwards I became aware that a nasal complaint from which I had suffered severely was coming on. For fifteen years or more I had been troubled with it, and frequent operations had been considered necessary. Now I noticed the dreaded symptoms appearing, and I was much distressed, having no idea how to meet the case scientifically. At length I decided to submit to an operation again, but that I should make haste and learn how to manage without them in future. An hour was appointed, but immediately a terrible sense of remorse came over me, because I knew I ought to trust God alone. I felt that I would do anything and everything to avoid the operation, but I could find no satisfactory excuse, SO I determined to go, trusting that God would direct me. The waiting -room was full and I began to hope for a respite. The doctor was talking to some patients, but directly he saw me he said, "Oh, you have an appointment, please come with me." I followed most reluctantly, and I cannot describe my feelings when I seated myself in the operating-chair. He began to examine the nose, and when he exclaimed, "Capital, splendid, perfect condition!" I wanted to fall on my knees and thank God.

At the time all this was a great mystery to me, but I afterwards reflected that my intense desire to escape from a false position, and my firm determination to trust God alone in future, must have resulted in instantaneous healing. I must add that since that time the senses of smell and taste, which had been much impaired for several years, have gradually been restored, in proportion as my understanding of God has grown. It was only then that I had an opportunity of telling my sister of my new religious ideas. To my joy she at once showed great understanding of the truth.

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