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Testimonies of Healing

I gladly give my experience of how I was led to the...

From the August 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I gladly give my experience of how I was led to the truth through Christian Science. About three years ago I was taken with typhoid fever, which lasted for a couple of weeks, when there was a change for the better and all thought that I would soon be up; but such was not the case, as this was followed by what was called a re-infection, and the fever continued for several weeks longer. A specialist was called, who diagnosed the case as paralysis or collapse of the stomach, and said I could not possibly live. I did get better, however, and was again able to sit up when another complication set in. This time I remained in bed and constantly grew worse. One of the leading surgeons and physicians of the city was called in consultation, and they agreed that there was an internal abscess, and that the only hope of saving my life was an operation. I objected to this, but after a few days consented.

My attention had been called to Christian Science just before this, but I did not grasp what it meant or that it was for me; still, when I left for the hospital, some Christian Science work was done for me and I can never explain what a support it was to me. I had always had a great dread of an operation, but went through the ordeal calmly and with no fear; in fact, I seemed to be lifted above my surroundings. The doctors had said that after the operation I would recover rapidly, but instead I was worse than ever. In a week it was decided that another operation was necessary. This brought a great sense of discouragement, but I did not see any way of escape. I asked for Christian Science help, not knowing then that it could not be given so long as I had consented to the doctor's wishes; but I now turned to divine help with all my strength, and although I did not experience the same uplifted feeling as before, I was strengthened and sustained. At the last operation, when the incision was made in order to remove the abscess, there was none to be found, but instead a condition which was pronounced by the doctors as tuberculosis of the bowels. There were four or five of the leading surgeons present and they admitted that there had been a wrong diagnosis all through, but said there could be no doubt as to the correctness of their last statement, for they saw the conditions with their own eyes.

The doctors then informed the family that they had done all they could do, that medicine would not touch the case. I was obliged to remain at the hospital for three weeks longer, having been five long months under the doctor's care with a trained nurse night and day. On the day I was allowed to be taken home, the surgeon telephoned the family physician that he was sending me home no better for the operations. On the last day of May, when the doctors said nothing more could be done for me, Christian Science treatment was commenced. I began to grow better, and by the first of August I was out o doors; by the middle of the month was going about whereever I wished. At the time of my healing we were living on the fourth floor, and I was obliged to go up and down the stairs every time I went out, but I suffered no inconvenience from it. The doctors and all my friends were surprised to see me out, and even now, after three years, they ask me if I am really well.

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