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From the August 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Harmony in music is expressed in the blending of tones that are concordant. In the study of this subject, it is of special importance that the basic laws of composition be well analyzed and understood, for in the proportion that this is done many perplexing problems will be made clear to the student of music. In dealing with the great problems of human experience we also find that a right understanding of Principle alone can lead to harmony. All discordant conditions are beliefs based solely upon the evidence of the five physical senses, which are not to be depended upon in our search after the truth since they are the avenues by which mortals gain a knowledge that is foolishness with God. They never reveal the creative divine Principle. If we were to accept their testimony as final, then wrong would be as immortal as right, harmony and heaven would be uncertain, and man's destiny left in doubt.

In establishing in human sense the immortal fact of the harmony of man, we must destroy the belief in the reality of inharmonious and discordant mind-action; for so long as this is accepted, so long will the sense of harmony be lost, and the possibility of our knowing the truth be shut out. The human mind must recognize a higher mode of reasoning, and must stop calling discord the reality of being.

Whatever mortals believe to be true, they hold in effect as real until the true state of things is understood; just as a title that is false holds a piece of property until the true title is brought into court and its validity fully established, or as a counterfeit piece of money passes unquestioned until the falsity of the counterfeit is established through the recognition and acceptance of the true coin. The same applies to all the negative conditions that go to make up so much of the mirage of mortal existence, therefore it is highly important to be able to see the falsity by which the world has been deceived. Solomon has well 'said: "With all thy getting get understanding."

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