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Testimonies of Healing

My healing was considered one of the most remarkable...

From the August 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My healing was considered one of the most remarkable cases on record, by physicians who were watching the case. I was very badly injured by one electric car colliding with another in which I was a passenger. My rescuers thought I was dead, but in a few minutes, they have since informed me, I began to declare I was not hurt, although I was unconscious at the time. From the time I arose from my seat to escape I never knew where I was or what was going on around me until I found myself in a hospital surrounded by people who had learned of the accident. Three different persons recognized me, the accident being not far from my home, and as each one mentioned my name with expressions of sympathy it would call me back to consciousness; then I would lapse again into unconsciousness. My whole face was covered with blood, and something obstructed the sight of my right eye; then I heard some one say, "I will have to take some stitches in this." This aroused me from my dazed condition, and I put my hand up and found my eyebrow had been torn loose and was obstructing my sight. Then I remembered nothing until I was carried out, put into a carriage by a doctor and a friend who lived near me, and taken to my home. All the while I was declaring I was not hurt. At last the physician said to this friend, "What kind of 2 woman have we here, injured so badly, and declaring she is not hurt? Here I am a man, and if it was I, I should be howling." After making me as comfortable as he could, he started out for material lotions, to apply to my ankles to keep down, as he said, the swelling and inflammation, for one was crushed very badly, and the other was broken. He said to the attendants that I must be watched closely, for the shock would cause me to vomit and have chills, for which he would prescribe some medicine. Gradually I began to realize what was going on around me, so I said, "No, doctor, those errors will not manifest themselves in me. I do not need any medicine, I am a Christian Scientist." He looked at me in great surprise, and said, "Well, I hope it will aid you in your recovery." I took no medicine, and after the second day no cold lotions were applied. I sent for a Christian Science practitioner and trusted to the One who healeth all our diseases. I would have discharged the doctor, but my husband, who was not a Scientist, felt that he should remain and watch the case. This he and a doctor employed by the railroad company did. He remarked to a friend, "I cannot see how that woman lived. They will never let that case come into court." And they never did. I had no fever after the first day, and was perfectly comfortable in spite of the conditions mentioned.

In addition to the wounds referred to, my left knee was badly injured, also my right hip and shoulder. My face and head were cut and bruised beyond recognition. It would take too much time and space to mention all the wounds I received from broken glass and splinters, — suffice it to say they numbered seventeen cuts, bruises, and breaks, — but my healing was accomplished in six weeks. To-day, thanks be to God, there is nothing to indicate I had ever passed through such a trying experience, with the exception of a slight scar over my right eyebrow, although the doctor said I would always be lame.

I feel very grateful to God for the understanding which I have through Christian Science; that even when I seemed unconscious I was able to realize and declare the truth. I am also grateful to our dear Leader, Mrs. Eddy, who has worked so patiently to lead us to this fountain of healing, — to Life, Truth, and Love.

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