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Testimonies of Healing

The question is often asked, Will Christian Science heal...

From the August 1906 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The question is often asked, Will Christian Science heal organic disease? and I desire to testify to my own healing in the hope that it will reach some one who needs help as did I. I was brought up by a good Christian mother, taught to go to church, and had the benefit of good example, but when manhood came I severed my relationship with the church and drifted into agnosticism. From this time on my downward course was rapid and I dipped into all the things that young men think will make them manly, and tasted sin in almost every form.

About seventeen years ago I met with a slight accident, and although very painful at the time, nothing was made of it. A large shipping case in falling struck me across the small of the back, and a few months after this I began to be troubled with pain in this region and called upon a physician for help. He gave me a careful examination and decided that I was suffering, not from the accident, but from the effects of the sinful life which I had led, and he prescribed accordingly. Months passed, but no relief came, and about this time I had occasion to come to Rochester, N. Y. My condition seemed to be growing worse all the time, although I was having medical treatment. I found it difficult to dress myself, and it began to be an effort to go upstairs. Later I submitted to an operation, and this was followed by different operations, for about nine months. All the time I was growing gradually worse, and the fatal name of locomotor ataxia was then pronounced upon my case. I could do very little work, and having spent all the money I had, besides what I could borrow from my family and friends, I returned to' my home in Johnstown, N. Y., and remained there about two years, after which time I took a position upon the road as agent, but soon found that it was impossible for me to follow this work, owing to the jar of the trains. While in Syracuse, N. Y., I had a severe attack and called in a celebrated doctor, who told me that I had not more than eighteen months at the longest to live. This was not very pleasant news, coming as it did from such a high source, but what could be done to prevent it?

My brother, who lived in Rochester, had been healed in Christian Science, and very kindly brought it to my attention, but I had no use for anything along this line and distinctly told him so. About this time, however, he wrote, asking me to come and help him in his business and to live in their home. This was agreed to, with the understanding that the subject of Christian Science was to be left entirely alone, and if he expected any Scientists to visit him, I was to be informed of the fact, so that I need not meet them. I came to Rochester in November and during the week between Christmas and New Year's friends of the family visited us. My brother invited these people to attend the weekly experience meeting and they agreed, providing I would accompany them, which I declined to do. My brother was very desirous of having them go, as one of the party was in great need of healing, and I finally consented to go.

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