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[Written for the Journal]


From the July 1910 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"How is it that ye sought me?" Fearfully? As timid children, cowering in the gloom, Afraid to move, lest terrors seen assume More hideous forms, when but one short step more Would bring them where the light would flood them o'er? O trembling heart, God's care enfolds thee here, E'en while ye fettered are by blinding fear! How is it that ye sought me fearfully? " "How is it that ye sought me?" Doubtfully? Did swift temptations in thy path arise? Didst thou forget that dreams are always lies, When thou didst hear the word that bade thee pause Nor further seek in such uncertain cause? And didst thou deem that what ye sought could be A changing phase of unreality? How is it that ye sought me doubtfully? "How is it that ye sought me?" Sorrowing? Didst thou not know that joy alone can find The way to me? That grief is left behind When thou dost seek aright? That sorrow's hour Can never strike, since Love alone has power? My Father's business is the work of joy, Triumphant, full, untainted by alloy. How is it that ye sought me sorrowing? "How is it that ye sought me?" Earnestly? Didst count each obstacle that barred thy way A chance to prove thy faith, as day by day Ye onward pressed? Didst heed no other mark E'en while ye saw but vaguely in the dark? Didst seek with thy whole heart, thine utmost strength, Secure in knowing thou shouldst find at length? Yea, thou, and all who seek Truth earnestly!