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From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

THAT God definitely outlines His will and purpose is made clear by Mrs. Eddy in numerous passages. Divine Mind finds expression in ideas which possess entity and individuality, each performing the function for which it was created. As the emanations of God they manifest His will and design, and constitute the true universe. Our Leader's statement as to the character and stability of these ideas is definite. On page 103 of "Miscellaneous Writings" she says, "In Science, form and individuality are never lost, thoughts are outlined, individualized ideas, which dwell forever in the divine Mind as tangible, true substance, because eternally conscious."

In Christian Science we learn that man as a compound idea of divine Mind includes the lesser ideas, each of which, however, retains forever its own individuality. The identity of a divine idea is never lost; that is, since ideas never coalesce or merge they never lose the individual characteristics and qualities which constitute their identity. In consequence, each idea of divine Principle has its own part to perform in the infinite plan; its own place to fill ; and its activities are governed by the one Mind, the divine source of all identities, which exercises complete control of its creation. This reasoning enabled Mrs. Eddy to define Mind in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 591) in part, as, "Deity, which outlines but is not outlined." Since God is infinite, All, and omnipotent, He exercises all power, has complete control of all His universe of perfect ideas, each of which exists in response to divine will; and since God's government is in obedience to divine law, it can never be overthrown or changed. Hence, no seeming power can, by any possibility, gain ascendancy over Deity and His manifestations; can outline or express another will or purpose; can interfere with God's plan for each individual idea, great or small.

Now, the so-called mortal mind, quite ignorant of the divine fact, attempts to work its own will, to serve its own purpose, to manage its own affairs in accordance with its own desires, however selfish and unworthy these desires may be. It would claim supremacy in every direction, even assuming the role of creator and governor of what it believes to be the universe. Mortals, as victims of this treasonable assumption, unwittingly carry out its plan and purpose. ' Unaware of the fact of God's infinite presence and beneficent plan for His universe of spiritual ideas, mortals submit to the dishonest, oftentimes cruel control of what they look upon as inescapable exercise of power, evil though it be. Men carry out the plans of mortal mind and work for its purposes, it seems, which because of lack of enlightenment often constitute their highest ideals. But inevitably mortals will awaken sometime to the appalling fact that they have been grossly deceived, victimized as it were, by a seeming power which in fact is wholly devoid of reality, has no power to command obedience. The awakening may be rude; it is none the less a blessed necessity.

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