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From the April 1927 issue of The Christian Science Journal

IF Christian Science gave its adherents nothing but the assurance that life is eternal, they would be under a tremendous debt of gratitude to it. Who among Christian Scientists does not remember the time when all was uncertain as to the future, when it was wrapped in mystery, when it appeared as if that which men call death might be the end of all things so far as men are concerned! They had perhaps studied deeply in philosophy, in natural science, and in religion too; but the best that could be said for these was that they had given birth to a not too certain faith in the continuity of life. Then Christian Science came, and the whole outlook was changed. For now Life was seen to be God,—infinite, indestructible, eternal,—and man's life to be the expression of this Life.

This is the teaching of Christian Science with regard to God for which, primarily, Christian Scientists are so deeply grateful. It has revealed Him as "at hand," as omnipresent Mind or Spirit. And this revelation has broken the spell of uncertainty which for so many hung over existence, because whenever God is recognized as infinite, omnipresent Mind, the unlimited nature of Being, the unlimited nature of Life, is discerned.

The word "infinite" is so wonderfully expressive when applied to Deity! The moment one thinks of it in connection with God, one sees that He has always existed, that He never had a beginning, and that He will never have an ending. And when one has conceded this, what next? One must admit that God's creation, that which is the expression of God, has never had a beginning and will never have an ending. Thus Christian Science makes clear the truth that God, divine Mind, is eternal, self-existent Being, and that His creation consists of spiritual ideas which coexist with God and are therefore perfect and eternal, like God. Mrs. Eddy states the truth about creation concisely in the words (Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, p. 205), "God created all through Mind, and made all perfect and eternal."

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