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From the November 1956 issue of The Christian Science Journal

To the writer, the artist, the student, the businessman, the teacher—to all whose work requires freshness, initiative, artistry, originality—Christian Science unfolds vast resources. Nothing could be more rewarding for the creative worker. By bringing to light the true nature of man as God's likeness, this religion reveals man's capacities to be actually infinite, the manifestation of the perfect, divine Mind, God. It provides the means and method of demonstrating these God-given capacities with increasing success.

The effective prayer of Christian Science does not offer a substitute for competence in one's work. But properly utilized this Science unfolds one's abilities, enables one to master needed skills and techniques, develops his capacities as a thinker. It affords no exemption from conscientious work, but provides the means of removing whatever would block the exercise of one's abilities, blight his capabilities, or restrict his growth. It enables one to find, through divine direction, the work he can do best.

Christian Science presents fixed rules for its demonstration. But this does not restrict one's freedom of thought to a rigid pattern or dull the artistic sensibilities. The Science of right thinking is not static or stereotyped, but dynamic. It awakens and invigorates the mental capacities, clarifying the vision and extending the range of thought. It gives one a dominion over himself and his tools of expression which unchains originality, spontaneity, inspiration.

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