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From the November 1956 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The thinker in Christian Science discerns between the real and the unreal and bases his thinking on divine reality, thus accepting only spiritual values. The right thinker works to gain a clear understanding of the omniscience of God, and as a result, he receives God-given illumination. Prophets in the Bible iterated and reiterated that there is but one God and that there is none else beside Him. Jeremiah gave a revivifying promise of the eternality of God and His ideas when he recorded that Word of God thus (33:3): "Call unto me, and I will answer thee, and shew thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not." The God-enlightened thinker is cognizant of divine facts. He acknowledges God as the one and only cause, the great First Cause.

Because the source of all right thinking is God, spiritual enlightenment unfolds as one prayerfully turns to divine Mind. Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, states in "Miscellaneous Writings" (pp. 307, 308): "Every human thought must turn instinctively to the divine Mind as its sole centre and intelligence. Until this be done, man will never be found harmonious and immortal." The right thinker is alert to express genuine consecration in his devotion to demonstrating an ever clearer understanding of the law of God, which is Christian Science. Thus in the proportion that the thought of the right thinker turns "instinctively" and unreservedly to God, the way grows brighter and opens to fresh opportunities, spiritual awakening, and God-given illumination. The individual need, as well as that of all nations and peoples, is to understand the reality of God and to love and obey the law of God, wherein is no imperfection and no materialistic belief.

In the ever-active law of Mind there is no negative condition. The right thinker does not ruminate false, worn-out beliefs devoid of reality, nor does he indulge sinful desires, but he honestly conquers them. Thus he is not lured into any agreement with the arguments of error. Calm and steadfast reliance on omnipotent Mind marks thought obedient to divine Principle. The right thinker is not bound to stereotyped limitations, nor does he cling to his cherished beliefs and personal inclinations. His thought is liberated and free. There are no ruts in which to stand still in Christian Science, nor is there any place for indifference and passivity. Our great Exemplar made definite requirements of many who came to him for help. To the impotent man, Christ Jesus said (John 5:8), "Rise, take up thy bed, and walk," and "immediately" the man was healed. Our Master refused to let him continue to yield to the inertia of inactivity, but encouraged him to be active. In the same chapter we read that Jesus, seeing the man's need to prove the sincerity of obedience, told him (verse 14), "Thou art made whole: sin no more."

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