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From the November 1956 issue of The Christian Science Journal

"As birds flying, so will the Lord of hosts defend Jerusalem; defending also he will deliver it; and passing over he will preserve it." So says the prophet Isaiah (31:5). God is Mind, and divine Mind never forsakes man, its spiritual idea. Mind spontaneously keeps its ideas conscious of Truth, and knowing this, we are protected from all discordant beliefs and conditions. Even when the error to be eradicated seems tenacious and stubborn, let us not become discouraged, but let us continue to pray for a clearer understanding of the allness and reality of God, Truth, and of the nothingness and unreality of evil.

If we declare the truth and then turn to matter to learn whether error has vanished, this wrong approach may keep us from seeing the error destroyed. Are we not holding evil in consciousness in this way? As long as we seek to learn the condition of man from matter or mortal mind, we are turning to the unreal in the attempt to learn something of the real. But the suggestions of error never unfold the facts of being. It is in one's consciousness, not in the so-called material body, that the light of Truth shines and blots out the dark images of sickness, sin, and death.

Our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, writes in "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" (p. 261): "Look away from the body into Truth and Love, the Principle of all happiness, harmony, and immortality. Hold thought steadfastly to the enduring, the good, and the true, and you will bring these into your experience proportionably to their occupancy of your thoughts." Here we see the correction of false beliefs through our own reflecting of the Mind which was in Christ Jesus. God, divine Mind, alone reveals the real status of man.

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