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I am deeply grateful that Mary Baker Eddy...

From the October 1965 issue of The Christian Science Journal

I am deeply grateful that Mary Baker Eddy has taught us to understand better the lessons the Master, Christ Jesus, came to teach us. We learn through Christian Science that when spiritual understanding comes to human consciousness, it is never abstract but is always translated into our human experience, enriching it with concrete, visible evidence.

At this time, I wish especially to express my gratitude for the Christian Science literature, because it was through the periodicals that I was led to Science. One of the purposes of every article in the periodicals is to turn the reader to the books, that is, to the very fount and source of Christian Science: the Bible and the writings of Mrs. Eddy. This purpose was fulfilled in my experience.

About twenty-five years ago I underwent a surgical operation which was intended to improve my health. As time went on, I grew steadily weaker instead of stronger. I was not able to be on my feet except for short periods, never long enough to complete a simple household task.