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How We Know that God Exists

From the October 1966 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Mortals sometimes wonder if there really is a Supreme Being. Some have asserted that there is no evidence of Deity. Their denial is sometimes based on insufficient searching or on revulsion from one or another of the popular notions of God, taught by various religions, which cannot withstand intelligent analysis and rely to greater or less extent on mysticism. In other phases atheism may represent the considered judgment of philosophers or natural scientists accustomed to regard sense testimony as the only evidence on which one may rely. Thus the denial of God may reflect either dialectical materialism or the current existentialist view of a purposeless universe.

To all such, Christian Science comes with the invitation to search more deeply; it offers enlightenment and satisfying proof that God indeed exists and is just at hand with innumerable blessings. Even the materialist is constantly correcting material evidence, for the senses do not give reliable testimony. The railroad tracks do not really meet in the distance. And the physicist, seeking a rational concept of matter or energy, conceives of discrete packets of energy called "quanta," which have no counterparts in the familiar world of the senses.

The concepts of the physicist, although embodying rationality to a degree, are utterly unlike the evidence of the senses. To appropriate such concepts requires the exercise of creative thought, in accord with mathematical principles but beyond the scope of sense testimony. They are evoked to rationalize or systematize physical observations. But the very expectation that natural phenomena must conform to rationality and be comprehensible implies faith in intrinsic orderliness and intelligibility, which is in itself acknowledgment of a supreme Principle, or Mind. Christian Science defines the controlling Principle, or Mind, as God and enlarges on this definition to bring into focus His infinite individuality.

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