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God's Business and Good Business

From the December 1968 issue of The Christian Science Journal

We learn in Christian Science that God's universe consists of spiritual ideas—spiritual because God is Spirit; ideas because God is Mind. The outcome of Spirit cannot be material; the product of Mind must always be in the form of ideas. Hence the fact that this spiritually mental universe is the only environment that man, made in the image and likeness of God, can know, experience, or express. The true function of each individual, then, is to be the very embodiment of all the qualities that characterize his Maker. One who understands these truths of his real selfhood can know that he is in the business of expressing good, expressing rightful activity and successful endeavor. And, basic to all these, he is in the business of showing forth spirituality, purity, and love.

Christ Jesus was engaged full time in the most successful business ever conducted. At twelve years of age he was found by his parents in the temple astonishing the learned men with "his understanding and answers." Luke 2:47; His response to Mary's questions was, "Wist ye not that I must be about my Father's business?" He was to prove, as he grew into manhood, that his business of expressing his Father, God, would bring healing to any type of problem.

Christian Scientists are today demonstrating that the problems of unemployment and unsatisfactory employment will yield to the understanding of true business, what really comprises it, and how they are engaged in the uninterrupted manifestation of it. The fundamental, unchanging fact of the man of God's creating is that he is always employed, never unemployed. Lest this seem a hollow platitude to one seeking work, let us examine on what authority such a statement can be made.

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