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Shedding superimposed falsities

From the June 1979 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Sometimes on TV we see an incidental face, or some other image, superimposed on the picture. This is not part of the main scene and we know it. So with discords, illnesses, obstructions to progress and happiness. Never part of our actual experience as the children of God, they are impositions, neither real nor factual, and we can prove this.

Just where do these impositions come from? Certainly not from God, our eternal Father-Mother. The twofold term referred to in the writings of Mrs. Eddy—animal magnetism—is their mythical source.

What do they impose themselves upon? Surely not on man. Then it must be on the false belief about man. They are of the substance of dreams. Neither the false belief nor the false believer is man. Then, this mixed-up, plus-and-minus mess is never you or me.