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The inauguration and establishment of God's kingdom

From the June 1979 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The anguish and discontent of millions attest to the bleak meaninglessness of life without purpose. Yet in our age the greatest of all purposes can be realized and can endow with the fullest meaning the life of everyone who embraces it. For now it has become seriously possible for mankind to join together in the establishment of God's kingdom on earth.

The establishment of the kingdom is no chimerical dream, no remote vision conjured up from an overidealizing imagination. Indeed, more than a possibility, this establishing is a divine imperative that must be obeyed and is resisted only at the price of what may be drastically increased human suffering.

All individuals everywhere are already by virtue of their spiritual birthright citizens of the kingdom, rightful recipients of the heritage of spiritual sonship. But they face to the last man or woman the pressing need to claim that sonship—to come through demonstrated obedience to God's Word into spiritual rebirth, thus to take earned and rightful possession of their active citizenship in the kingdom as the sons and daughters of God.