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My teen-age years were plagued by...

From the December 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

My teen-age years were plagued by many ailments. Hay fever, pneumonia, colds, flu, and a painful lung condition followed one after another and kept me from attending school much of the time. Our family doctor could give me no relief, let alone a cure. The respiratory attacks I suffered gradually came more often and were so severe I'd gasp for breath in great pain. Though I knew of Christian Science through some family members, I had seldom relied on it. One attack was so intense that loss of consciousness threatened. Someone then asked if I would like help from a Christian Science practitioner. I nodded in consent, not really caring what happened to me.

In this condition I was taken to the home of a dedicated practitioner. After kindly putting me to bed, she prayed for me. But when the 2 a.m. train rolled through our western Canadian town, I was still struggling for breath. Between gasps I pleaded with this dear woman to go to bed, that I would be all right in the morning. However, I neither cared nor expected to live. In fact, I was praying for death to end the pain and the struggle for each breath. The practitioner persistently declared many truths from the Bible and our textbook, Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, and assured me of the great love of God for His children. I still recall three statements she emphatically spoke: Now are you the child of God; "now is the accepted time; . . . now is the day of salvation" (II Cor. 6:2). I must have accepted the "nowness" of my spiritual perfection, because the next thing I knew it was eight o'clock in the morning and I was jumping out of bed healed! Earlier I had notified the school board that I would not be back at my teaching job for about two weeks, as it took that long to recuperate from the attacks. I waited all day, thinking the attack would return, but it never did. Since that time I have not had another, nor have I missed even a half day from work because of illness.

My gratitude for the end of pain and poor health was boundless, and just as soon as I could I joined The Mother Church. After that I spent much time trying to understand the Principle that had healed me. What a surprise it was to find that healing is only one aspect of this grand religion—a religion that becomes one's very way of life. Soon I moved to Edmonton, Alberta, where I joined a branch Church of Christ, Scientist. Since then, it has been my earnest desire to share this truth with others so that they might be blessed also.

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