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In June 1978 some members of my family ...

From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In June 1978 some members of my family and I were in a car that was hit by an oncoming car. I was in the driver's seat and took the brunt of the impact. Although I suffered multiple fractures and other serious injuries, the entire time I was conscious of God's presence. My thought was so illumined by the scientific truths that came to me, I was completely unaware of the time required to free me from the wreckage. Later I learned that it took about two hours.

When I was freed from the car, I was taken to the hospital. Throughout this period I was awake to the fact that divine Principle, God, is equal to every situation. As soon as possible, a Christian Science practitioner was contacted. Although we all sustained injuries, mine were considered the most serious.

After X-rays were taken, my broken bones were set and then full leg casts were applied. Throughout this time I experienced no pain. However, the next day when intense pain began, I pondered an article in the journal that talked of the Christian Science way to overcome pain. In the course of reading the article I was completely freed of discomfort. The pain returned only once, and when this occurred, I immediately told the practitioner. Within a few hours, I was permanently freed.