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The first Christian Science healing in...

From the September 1981 issue of The Christian Science Journal

The first Christian Science healing in our family took place when, after only glancing through Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, my father was released from the desire for alcoholic beverages. Later my mother's study of the book resulted in her total freedom from a skin condition. Subsequent healings in our home included those of multiple boils, symptoms of blood poisoning, ivy poisoning, and chicken pox.

My parents became members of The Mother Church and a branch church, and I was enrolled in the Christian Science Sunday School. Their enthusiasm for and devotion to this teaching, together with my childhood demonstrations of spiritual truth, were a steadying influence during my teen and early adult years, when I was tempted to be apathetic toward Science. Backed by the prayers of my parents, I was able to pass several difficult high-school, college, and career examinations, and to find employment during a period of economic depression.

Some years ago, after an automobile accident, through the prayer of a Christian Science practitioner I was quickly healed of whiplash. At another time my mother and I were enabled to visit relatives over-seas, when it had seemed financially impossible to undertake such a trip. Through the understanding of God's provision for all His children, our every need was abundantly met each step of the way.