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The Christ-example: reflection and healing

From the September 1982 issue of The Christian Science Journal

In searching for an understanding of our true identity, we soon learn in Christian Science that man is in reality God's reflection. But what does this mean to us? We find the answers richly illumined in Christ Jesus' words and example.

Jesus had a divinely pure sense of his relation to the Father, and he held to it constantly. His sublime Christian metaphysics makes crystal-clear what it means to say that man is God's reflection. With divine insight he affirmed this spiritual relationship in terms that captured the absolute truth of being, yet were so simple he could use them in teaching his disciples and answering those who attacked him.

To the Pharisees he said, "I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me."John 8:42. As The New English Bible translates it, ". . . God is the source of my being, and from him I come."