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Youth Meeting news

From the August 1992 issue of The Christian Science Journal

These are the themes of the last three Regional Meetings for youth and young adults in 1992. We asked the local Christian Scientists who are planning these meetings for those of all faiths, aged twelve to thirty, to give Journal readers a preview of what's in store. This is what they have to say to you:

". . . riots, racial tension, gangs, AIDS, economic problems, relationships, family and parenting issues, education, drugs, the environment, health and fitness . . . headlines like these are calling for healing answers. Answers that work—that have been carefully etched out and proved in the daily lives of spiritual thinkers and doers. Answers that heal—that dissolve fear, prejudice, indifference, and ignorance through a spiritual understanding of God. Solid answers that bring permanent peace, health, and progress to individual lives and the world. Come! Discover the power of God, divine Love, the Love that heals!" ...

Dates and location