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Moses, the burning bush, and holy inspiration

From the August 1996 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Who doesn't love to be inspired! Genuine inspiration is like a deep-drawn breath; it feeds the hungering heart, nourishes the intellect, and satisfies and uplifts both mind and body. It is actually an evidence of spiritual power, the might of divine good, which is capable of transforming one's view from darkness to light, bringing out peace, productivity, and healing in present experience.

Real inspiration finds its source in God, the one intelligence—divine Mind. The source of inspiration being infinite, inspiration itself must be infinite in nature. It's not sometimes abundant and sometimes scanty, but ever limitless. And we could no more stop the eternal, perpetual flow of inspiration than we could stop the sun from shining or the earth from turning, for inspiration is not a fleeting phenomenon of the human mind. It cannot be measured in terms of brain waves or limited by the fluctuating conditions of a material world. Inspiration is a manifestation of God. It is an evidence of the fixed spiritual law that God, good, must be expressed eternally in individual spiritual man. This expression appears naturally in daily experience in the form of intelligent, purposeful, right ideas.

We can find solid evidence of this by turning to the pages of the Bible. In Exodus we read that from the moment Moses saw a bush that was on fire but not consumed, he knew he was on holy ground. Indeed it was holy ground, but not in a literal sense. Moses had been inspired by God, and that condition of upliftment opened his eyes to new purpose, fresh direction, and a clear sense of the spiritual demands that he both could and would meet. The groundwork or basis for his life, after his becoming vividly conscious of God's presence and power, was the realization that God would be with him unfailingly.

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