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Sore on arm healed

From the September 2000 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Over two years ago a spot appeared on the lower part of my upper arm that turned into a sore that would bleed. I did not want to cover it, because I thought it would heal better if it was uncovered. But when I wore short sleeves it was quite noticeable; people would comment, and friends and family members were concerned about my health. I continued to get closer to God through spiritual growth and by seeing all creation as resulting from divine power and authority. I had been praying intermittently about this, striving to see my perfection as God's likeness, knowing that God is all good and would not and could not create anything unlike Himself.

God's law of perfection brought the healing.

After a year had passed, I decided to seek help from a Christian Science practitioner. She was able to help me see my spiritual identity more clearly. At one point I decided that I absolutely would not look at the sore for any reason. By doing this, I was refusing to bear witness to something that God didn't make. Actually, I was not allowing the problem to have objectivity in my thought.