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Abraham Salons

From the May 2004 issue of The Christian Science Journal

No, they aren't beauty parlors run by the Biblical patriarch. Rather, they are informal, grassroots, interfaith gatherings where people of different faiths—or no faith—can talk about Abraham as one figure who is shared by Christians, Jews, and Muslims, and use his life as a way of building up trust and communication among them. They can be dialogues that remove misunderstanding and lead to healing.

Anyone can hold an Abraham Salon. People who register to host a salon get a special Abraham Salon packet that includes a personal letter from the author of Abraham, Biblical and Koranic passages for discussion, professionally designed discussion points, some advice on how best to hold interfaith conversations, followup ideas and resources, and other items.

For more information, visit and click on "Discussions." You can download the study packet at that part of the website. To register for an Abraham Salon, e-mail