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A Church Prays About Vandalism

From the November 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

WHAT HAPPENS when a church's membership prays about an act of vandalism to their church building? Last spring, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Eugene, Oregon, had the opportunity to put the power of prayer into action when their church and the Episcopal church next door were vandalized.

Three church members, , , and , got together to tell the Journal how their church membership dealt with the blow of vandalism of their building. They've combined their accounts, below.

ONE FRIDAY MORNING EARLY IN APRIL, a heater repairman discovered a white powdery substance all over the equipment and floor in our church's boiler room. Checking adjacent rooms, he found a broken front door and the white dust everywhere. He contacted a member of our house-and-grounds committee, who came to the church. They then called the police and a few other church members.