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From the November 2007 issue of The Christian Science Journal

Picked up by police on Saturday for vandalizing two churches in Eugene, Oregon, I had only a faint recollection of the events that occurred the Thursday night before. I had been at a bar with my roommates and don't remember finishing my second drink, getting separated from my friends, leaving the bar, or walking anywhere.

Police told me they had found my cellphone and wallet in a church. I had no memory of being there or vandalizing two churches. It just blew me away that I could have done such a thing. I had no negative feeling toward those churches. In fact I had no idea why I vandalized them at all. I value my own church and have no ill will toward any other church. Vandalizing anything simply isn't on my screen. I realized that the alcohol had distorted my thinking so badly that I did something I would normally never even think of doing.

On hearing what I had done, the first thing I wanted to do was contact the churches to see if I could make things right. When the police told me I couldn't have direct contact with anyone at the churches, I contacted a lawyer who then called the churches to convey my apology.